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Welcome…Make Yourself @ Home.

We at BBP have really been avoiding taking part in the whole blogging revolution, til our good friend Jim Drew (FMS Digital/ Beat Society) suggested that it would be a good way to promote our movement. So with that being said we would like to welcome you to our Break Break Blog, so, elequently entitled “Fresh From The Bakery”…Please check back frequently for our rants, raves, new music, videos and events.




About breakbreadprojects

Break Bread Projects is Philadelphia, PA based artist management, consultation and development company that provides the essential resources for artists to develop and succeed in a highly competitive market without losing site of their long term goals. BBP handles 360 degrees of an artist’s career securing deals with record labels, publishing companies, distributors, brand marketing companies, music supervisors and advertising agencies worldwide. Thus, it is very important that we satisfy the needs of not only our immediate clients but anyone who works with Break Bread Projects. Our goal is to develop relationships with the artists we work with based on mutual trust, understanding, and a common love for music as well as an ambition to achieve and succeed. We strive to work with, develop, and accelerate the careers of quality artists as well as to provide the highest level of management service we can for them with the common aim of achieving a consistent and consummate level of professionalism. Event Production / Promotions Creative Design Marketing Audio Production Visual Production Budgeting Negotiation Client Service


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